Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

24/7 hours parking, Service attendant between 7am – 4pm.

It is an open lot, with an attendant monitoring the location between 7am – 4pm.

Rates are generally from 5-10$ but varies from parking lot to parking lot.

No reservation , first come first serve.

See the attendant to sign up for monthly parking, for after service hours you may email us at contact us

Visa, master card, and cash. Additional 60 cents for visa and mastercard.

We offer a month to month rate with no contract to keep the price as low as possible.

You will be paying per month.

Yes for first and last.

Rv and Boats, trucks, contractions trucks.

Written on the machine, the machine does not give change. If you happen to put more then enough, service is provided between service attendant hours. If you have further inquires please send us an email at contact us.

Rates are generally from 5-12$ but vary from the parking lot to parking lot.

Visa, MasterCard, cash and cheques. There is an additional service charge of 0.60$(60 cents) on Visa and MasterCard

At our machines, when using Visa or MasterCard please insert and take out the card immediately, you will not be charged if no ticket is printed.

For Visa and MasterCard, A – 3 / B- 2, please press a or b adding up to the total amount needed for your required parking time. For Cash, insert the exact amount for the required parking time you want as no change will be given (machine freezes when the total amount is paid on-screen)

We only offer flat rates, for additional information please visit Downtown Parking

No, you and the other vehicle will both be ticketed for the offence.

Please present your ticket facing up and visible for the attendant. If your ticket was obstructed or is hidden under dash you will be ticketed.

Only medium, small cars, small trucks are accepted

Evening and overnight rates are set pricing, please check Downtown Parking

To achieve the best overall service, we treat all of our customers equally

When you register your monthly pass with the attendant we will have your car registered at most lots, but if you have bought your monthly pass at the machine then we cannot issue a new permit but will try our best to accommodate your issues.

At some parking lots, you will have to leave your keys and cellphone number, and have to come back before 4 pm to pick up keys or otherwise from attendant

In some cases we will have to tow the car if you are blocking another vehicle, if you are not blocking a vehicle then that is ok, but to prevent any issues please leave your keys if specified

For a few hours, we can accommodate if the parking lot is not busy but for longer occasions, you will receive a ticket.

Because every lot is different please call 613 266 9256 for specific details to get the issue resolved as soon as possible if the issue cannot be solved then you may have to return the next day.

We have a zero-tolerance with no parking permits on vehicles, so you will be ticketed.

The parking facility is not responsible for any damages to any vehicles, but we recommend you to call in to get a police report. Then follow the necessary steps provided by your insurance.

Please email with the complaint and we will look into your specific case

Please give us a 24-hour notice before storing and removing

No, you cannot, it is first come first serve.

First of every month

No, it will be month to month

Yes. the lot does not offer insurance.

No, we do not at this time

You can call from 8 am -4 pm, to access the gate please give us a 24-hour notice

You may cancel before the full period is up but you will not be reimbursed the security deposit back(1 month of rent)

If you cancel an annual contract

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